First Soundtrack Scoring!

Many months ago, I created and scored my first soundtrack for a short film — Day One by Continuity Pictures (Derek Thomas).

Copyright Derek Thomas. Soundtrack by Kenneth Reitz of Infinite State.

The process was quite fun — I never watched the film before scoring — I scored as I watched the film for the first time. This allowed for a very authentic sonic expression for the audience.

I'm very pleased with the results. I believe it's some of my best musical work to date. 


Call for Sponsors: Requests 3.0 Development!

Dear friends,

Work on Requests 3.0 is now underway, paving the way for the future of one of the world's most heavily–relied–upon Python modules.

After losing our primary open source maintainer (who was sponsored by a company to work on Requests, and other projects, full–time), we are seeking community financial contributions towards the development of Requests 3.0.

If you (or your company) uses Requests in a professional context, we encourage you to make a contribution towards our efforts to help make the world a better place (for humans™).

Learn More.

If you (or your company) would like to support us, but prefer another method of payment, please don't hesitate to reach out with your requirements. Sponsorship opportunities (with website placement) are also available, upon request. 

Many thanks,
Kenneth Reitz