Call for Sponsors: Requests 3.0 Development!

Dear friends,

Work on Requests 3.0 is now underway, paving the way for the future of one of the world's most heavily–relied–upon Python modules.

After losing our primary open source maintainer (who was sponsored by a company to work on Requests, and other projects, full–time), we are seeking community financial contributions towards the development of Requests 3.0.

If you (or your company) uses Requests in a professional context, we encourage you to make a contribution towards our efforts to help make the world a better place (for humans™).

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If you (or your company) would like to support us, but prefer another method of payment, please don't hesitate to reach out with your requirements. Sponsorship opportunities (with website placement) are also available, upon request. 

Many thanks,
Kenneth Reitz


Sony RX100 Mark 5 Thoughts


I recently did my first photoshoot (nsfw) with the Panasonic GX850, and realized that it was a little bit too entry–level for serious photography. So, I did a little bit of research and ended up picking up the fantastic Sony RX100 Mark 5, an even smaller camera. My first photoshoot (nsfw) with the Sony proved it to be a superior camera for my needs. 


It is a "point and shoot", but it offers a level of control that I'm comfortable shooting with (Auto ISO, Aperture Priority mode), so this classification means nothing to me. It's a camera, in every way as much as the Fuijfilm X100F is. 


I couldn't love this camera more. It's small, compact, has a reasonable lens (which I keep at 24mm most of the time), and a fantastic sensor. Its color reproduction (the aspect the Panasonic was lacking the most) is top–knotch, potentially beating out even my previous Fuijfilm X100F.

It's small enough to easily fit into my pocket, so I always have it with me. Despite reviews to the contrary, I find its battery life to be quite adequate.


The pop–up viewfinder is my favorite feature of the camera — after shooting without a viewfinder for a while, I realized how essential this tool is for the type of work I prefer to do on the daily.


The articulating screen is another big plus — as it allows me to view the screen while having the camera above my head, which is something I often try to do while shooting cityscape photography. It also does the opposite, of course, allowing for me to view the screen while the camera is far below my head, close to the ground. Overall, the screen on this camera is just excellent, especially for the price.  


Overall, I'm thrilled with this purchase, and I highly recommend this camera to anyone looking for something small and pocketable.

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