Alternative Paths of Thought

Our culture promotes self-exaltation above all else.Girls are taught to flaunt their bodies for attention while men are taught that women are merely objects of pleasure. Gay man are often looked down upon, while lesbian women are often praised. When a man gets a girl pregnant, he is looked up to, while the woman who is pregnant is looked down upon. Why is this? Media programs and corporations tell people to love themselves and not others - to indulge themselves and to seek fulfillment in life through material goods, ego-boosting, and sexual adventures. Certainly, these things, in and of themselves, will often leave people with temporary, empty satisfaction. But in the end, only leave disparity. This only further proves God's total reign over us, and how helpless we all are without his love. Corporations are not the only ones to blame though, the people are just as much to blame. These corporations are built from people. The people are inherently selfish and are trying to make as much money as possible, therefore the companies are going to reflect that. People are taught by the media to embrace people with different lifestyles than them (ie homosexuals), while they are taught that religious groups are close-minded groups that brainwash you (and this is often the case).

And this seems to be how Christianity is viewed as well. People will 'pray' and read their Bibles all in vain because it is what they are told is what is the 'right thing to do'. Life is not a magical formula of rituals that we much complete in order to be complete. Buddhism, Hinduism, and Catholicism all preach this message. No wonder people think that the Church is a cult.

Keep in mind, please, that I am generalizing here, as that is necessary for writings such as these.

The root of ALL of the problems in this world is selfishness. Period. Even those of the church.

The message of some Baptist churches is that God is begging every human being alive to accept him as their savior, but what kind of savior is that? If God has no dominion over his people then he isn't much of a God, now is he? If people were to choose God in and of themselves, then the act of accepting God as one's eternal savior would in itself be an act of selfishness, as it would only be to live eternally.

Calvinism seems, to me, to be the right way to think. People do not choose God, selfishly. God chooses the people who he will lead to choose him. God presents himself to his chosen people, and only then will people recognize their true need of him and accept him as their eternal savior. Only then will they see the irresistible grace of God and cling upon him.