CSS With a Hint of DRY

I am a DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) programmer. I’m not positive, but I most likely inherited my love for this concept from my intensive Python immersion. I'm so grateful for it. Anyway, DRY is an essential stage of any developer's workflow. It drastically enforces good structure, and significantly increases your logical skills. As with everything in life, there’s a time and place for DRY. Object oriented programming is one of those places. ## CSS Is Not DRY Let it be said: CSS is not a programming language. It is not a programmer’s language. It is not supposed to be. It is a styling markup language. But for those of us who like to take a more structured and programmatic approach, CSS is far from ideal. I want my CSS to do math. I want it to be dynamic. So, that's where fun little libraries come in to play that generate CSS on the fly based on logic and rules! I implore you to take a look at CleverCSS. The awesome Python CSS generator. It supports variables, code manipulation, inheritance, and oh, so much more. I’ll be writing a Django helper module soon that generates this CSS on the fly. ###See Also: There is also SASS, or Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets. I must credit it: it seems to be the originator of the concept, has a significantly cooler name, and is a bit more widely accepted in the world. Oh, but that’s not written in Python, is it?