Django ORM for Online Payment Systems?

I’ve been spending an increasingly large amount of time with some rapid development frameworks, primarily Django (Python!), Grails (Groovy / Java), and Symfony (PHP). I’ve been enjoying it. Alot. Life has never been better.

DRY tactics. Code portability. Who likes to repeat themsleves anyway? It’s a great idea.

My favorite concept to date is the Object Relational Model (ORM). Database-agnostcisty is fantastic. Not sure what database you want to use? Worry about it later. A client wants to switch to MySQL because SQLServer is costing too much? No problem. How much of my codebase will I have to change? About six charecters. Wow.

So why not take this concept, and apply it elsewhere? I’m currently doing some work for a startup, and we are having trouble deciding which online payment service to use/support: PayPal, Amazon Payments, or Google Checkout.

My solution is to write a webPaySystem module that integrates all of these payment systems into one single class. But, before I spend the time to write this, I’d like to extend this question to the Python / Django community:

Would you find this useful in your web (and business desktop) applications?

Comment and let me know what you think!