Do You Develop Software or Experiences?

I read an [interesting article]( today on Apple's marketing strategy. A certain section stood out to me, regarding their hardware manufacturing:

Apple is an experience company. They're a high-end marque; if they were in the automobile business, they'd be BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche rolled into one. They own about 12% of the PC market in the USA... but 91% of the high end of the PC market (laptops over $999, desktops over $699).

— Charlie Stross of

## The Point: [Seth Godin]( and [37Signals]( both recommend marketing yourself to the early adopters and geeks. Apple, however, does the opposite. They market themselves to the middle market — the incredibly non-technical. The geeks come on their own, with no marketing needed. They love it. And this makes Apple *enormously* successful.

**Develop your software/experience for the masses**. Make the geeks love it, but make them find it on their own. Just a thought.