v0.1 Released

Today I released v0.1.2. It features a highly-optimized Gist object model and API wrapper which allows you to consume Gists in your next Python application.

GitHub just rolled out a miniature pre-release of the [Gist API]( last month, so API functionality is pretty limited at the moment. More features will be added as soon as the API is updated.

## Usage

from gistapi import *

gist = Gist('d4507e882a07ac6f9f92')

gist.description # 'Example Gist for' gist.created_at # '2010/05/16 10:51:15 -0700' gist.public # False gist.filenames # ['exampleEmptyFile', 'exampleFile'] gist.files['exampleFile'] # 'Example file content.'

[Source on GitHub](