Instapaper: Best Web App Ever Created

Out of all the startup applications that I have ever used, Instapaper (from the creators of micro-blogging site Tumblr) is by far the most innovative and useful. I use it on a daily basis. It not only saves me hours upon hours of time, but it allows me to focus more on the task at hand and boosts my productivity levels through the roof.

Whenever I'm surfing the web, I have a bad habit of clicking open new tabs almost constantly. It's not uncommon for me to easily have over 60 tabs open, and in the process of sorting through all these wonderful links, the task at hand drowns in a sea of information.

Well, I don't have this problem anymore, thanks to Instapaper. When I find something interesting online now, and it's not related to the task at hand, I hit the nifty "read later" bookmarklet. This ads it to my list of unread marertial on I can go there at any time and read any of the pages that I didnt' have time to read before!

Seriously guys, this is amazing.

What's better yet, is that they have an iPhone app. I can read my synched list of hundreds of unread pages at any time in Kindle-quality formated pages. Even without an internet connection.

Surely life doesn't get better than this.