iPad Apps Worth Lusting For

The distaste hackers and developers have towards the iPad was initially understandable. Now that it's out, I think everyone should hold one in their hand before they make any outlandish statements against it. Eric Sink sums it up pretty perfectly. > Computers, by and large, are still designed for geeks. This is why we all buy T-shirts that say “No, I will not fix your computer”. The genius of the iPad is that it cannot get things like viruses. It is a closed platform. You can’t put apps on it. You can’t write and distribute software for it without Apple’s permission. This is why geeks hate it and normal people will love it.

— Eric Sink

I have yet to succumb to the temptation to buy an iPad. I haven't been able to justify the steep $499 price tag. I might end up forcing myself to get one. If I do, here's why:

## [Things](http://culturedcode.com/things/ipad/) by [Cultured Code](http://culturedcode.com/)

## [Instapaper](http://blog.instapaper.com/post/469281634)