Media Temple and My Hosting

While I haven't used many hosting services, I must admit that I cannot imagine any being much better than Media Temple.

Alot of other people use terrible hosting that is less than $5 a month. Don't waste your time. Why are you even on the internet if you are only willing to invest $5 a month for your website?

MediaTemple's Dedicated Virtual server simply cannot be beat. For $50 a month, I get 20GB of storage, 1TB of transfer, and 2x 3GHz Xeon Processors. I have full root access to the machine, and can do whatever I want with it.

Now thats a hosting company. And that's a server. I'll host you on it if you want – you'll get all the benefits of the $50 a month server, without all the overhead - plus one geek who's at your service 24/7. And all for $20 a month.