New Design! now has a new, rich theme, ready to take on a new life. And now iPhone friendly! My gloal? To become more well known that both Joel Spolsky and Chris Parillo. Nothing wrong with them, of course. I'm just as qualified though. And I think I might bring more to the table. Think I can do it?

I built the site with PHP on top of Wordpress with a hint of Coreylib and jQuery. A nice mix, if you ask me. I ditched DISQUS in favor of IntenseDebate (as you can see below). DISQUS has a terrible media server that fails constantly. I can't stand that. IntenseDebate comes pre-themed too, and, I must say, it looks nice.

The design was inspired by They did a phenomenal job and I wanted to take what they had and build from it. Expect this to be update much more frequently. Hopefully daily.