OpenDNS Finally Monetizes

I've been a long-time fan and user of OpenDNS, the free and often-superior DNS Server. I've always noticed drastic improvements in my site loading speeds when using the service (due to drastically improved domain name lookups). There's really no downside to using the system. It's significantly faster than most ISP's own DNS servers, and it's updated far more frequently.##Announcing OpenDNS Monetization OpenDNS now offers a new service called OpenDNS Deluxe, which is tailed for the average household as well as smaller companies. ###Premium Support It allows users to have an ad-free experience and have priority over free members. The price for this service is only $9.95 a year. Not too bad! ###For Power Users They are also offering a very robust OpenDNS Enterprise edition for medium to fortune 500 companies. It has many advanced features such as: delegated administration, advanced reporting, and malware site protection.

###Pricing That price isn't listed :)

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