ShowMe v1.0.0 Released

This weekend, I released a new Python module to PyPi: ShowMe v1.0.0. ShowMe is a simple set of function decorators that give you easy diagnose common problems in your Python applications.

### Basic Usage

@showme.trace def complex_function(a, b, c, **kwargs): ....

>>> complex_function('alpha', 'beta', False, debug=True) calling haystack.submodule.complex_function() with args: ({'a': 'alpha', 'b': 'beta', 'c': False},) kwargs: {'debug': True}

It currently supports:

* Argument call tracing * Execution Time (in seconds) * CPU Execution Time * Docstrings


* Add @showme.locals Support * Add @showme.globals Support


pip install showme

[[Source on GitHub](]