Sick of Wireless 5GB Caps

I live 15 miles away from a lovely town called Winchester, VA.

We do not have cable where I live. We also don't have DSL. That's right, no highspeed. All that we have is Satellite.

I'm a web developer, I need something a little more relable than a Satellite connection. 1000ms latency while you're trying to admin some server just doesn't cut it. It never will.

So I go to my local Verizon shop and pick up a Wireless broadband card. Much to my dismay, I learn that there's a 5 GB cap every month. 5 GB. Yes I'm serious? I use that in a day of casual browsing easily. And if I'm in the mood for some new software, I could easily use that in under an hour.

Turns out, all wireless broadband providers have this ridiculous bandwidth limitation. But I needed more bandwidth. So I made it happen.

After much masterminding, I came up with the perfect solution. Here it is :)

Sprint has the fastest 3G network around (plus I don't owe them $500 for going 1 GB over my cap like I do Verizon), so I chose them.

All that you need is a phone which supports the following:

  • Windows Mobile 5 or 6
  • REV A Support
  • 802.11b Support

In my case, I bought a Palm Treo Pro.

The next step is to download WMWiFiRouter, which allows you to share a given network connection over WiFi as a hotspot. It gives you enough control to select which data connection to use so you don't have to use Sprint's installed "Phone as a modem" connection (also capped).

Annndddd you're golden. Unlimited, broadband internet. Portable anywhere. No cap. Life is good.

Honestly, I shouldn't have to to go through such lengths to get such a service though. If I'm willing to pay for it, I really see no reason why they shouldn't offer it. The networks can certainly support it.

I always encourage everyone to look at both sides of the issue, but I can't possibly imagine what other side there is in this case. This is unacceptable.