Software Development vs. Computer Science

Most developer job applications that I see have a "BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience" requirement. During my studies in Computer Science at **George Mason University**, though short, I learned a number of things. One of them was what a waste it was to learn such higher math in my field. I want to develop software, not develop the most cunning-edge earth-shattering algorithms. I don't want to reinvent ssh or find a better way to implement PGP keys. Of course, those things are necessary in certain fields, but not in mine.

I was taught that Programming is to Computer Science as a Telescope is to Astronomy. Its a tool to get to a means. If this is true, than why wasn't I thought how to make software?

Many Software Developers also have degrees in Electrical Engineering. Why is this? A CS degree doesn't seem to quite fit either. Perhaps we should make a separate degree for Software Development?

Computer Science should be separated from Software Development. They should be two different Degrees.

When I realized this, I started spending my time focusing on design rather than math. I learned a great deal of things from color theory to relational spacing and I found myself a new home: web design. It's a beautiful field. I started to spend my own time learning software development, rather than spending hours studying Calc 2.