Spotify in the US? Yes please.

##I spent about 8 hours last night obtaining a Premium Spotify account in the US, and I've never been happier. As you know, [Spotify]( is only available in the UK, Spain, and France. So, the only way to signup for an account it to take a trip overseas... virtually.

## Step 1: Signup for a virtual private server

Signup for a [Linode]( account, and buy a 360 VPS. Linode allows you to choose a datacenter when you buy a VPS, and luckily, they have a datacenter in the UK. This will run you $20 a month.

## Step 2: Install Ubuntu and Boot Your VPS

Install Ubuntu Server on your new british hackbox. You can SSH in to test it out. Have fun. Make sure openssh-server is installed.

## Step 3: Edit Hosts File Append the following lines to your /etc/hosts file:
[your vps ip]		hackbox

## Step 4: Open a Reverse SSH Forwarding Tunnel

sudo ssh -C root@hackbox -L
sudo ssh -C root@hackbox -L

Congratulations. You're now a Brit.

## Step 5: Create an Account

While creating an account, you are prompted for you postal code. I did some [google-fu]( and used SO23 8TH as my postal code for Winchester, Hampshire UK.

[Download the client](

## Step 6: Enjoy :)

You now have unlimited access to a library of ~8,000,000 tracks, as if they were on your own computer.

Once every two weeks, you'll have to reopen your SSH tunnels and login at []( to proveyou'll be good to go.

This restriction is lifted if you signup for a Premium account. I highly recommend this, as it allows you to listen to your music at 320 kbps. I'd tell you how, but I'd rather enjoy the fruits of my hard labor.