Tablib Dataset Library v0.6.1 Released!

I'm pleased to announce a new Python module: [Tablib]( Tablib is a simple module for working with tabular datasets. It allows you create tables of data using standard Python datatypes, manipulate them, and easily export to Excel, JSON, YAML, and CSV. **Basic Usage**:

import tablib

headers = ('first_name', 'last_name', 'gpa') data = [('John', 'Adams', 90), ('George', 'Washington', 67)]

data = tablib.Dataset(*data, headers=headers)

You can maniuplate your data like a standard Python list:

>>> data.append(('Henry', 'Ford', 83))

>>> print data['first_name'] ['John', 'George', 'Henry']

>>> del data[1]

You can easily export your data to JSON, YAML, XLS, and CSV.

>>> print data.json [{"first_name": "John", "last_name": "Adams", "gpa": 90}, {"first_name": "Henry", "last_name": "Ford", "gpa": 83}]

>>> print data.yaml - {age: 90, first_name: John, last_name: Adams} - {age: 83, first_name: Henry, last_name: Ford}

>>> print data.csv first_name,last_name,age John,Adams,90 Henry,Ford,83

>>> open('people.xls', 'w').write(data.xls)

Excel files with multiple sheets are also supported (via the `DataBook` object).

[[Source on GitHub](] [[PyPi Listing](]