Was College Worth It?

George Mason University (at which I'm currently a non-studying student) is a fantastic environment for a student in their 20's. Never before have I felt so enabled. The campus allowed me to have a completely restriction-free place to live with peers of my own age, and millions of resources an average American could only dream of having free access to:

  • Olympic-sized swimming pool minutes away
  • Every restaurant under the sun within walking distance
  • Free Kitchens and items promoting every brand under the sun
  • You don't go to stores – they come to you
  • Free food. Alot of it.
  • Functions and for everything under the sun.
  • Seminars from the Brightest Minds in Computer Science
  • Professors willing to go the extra mile for you
  • Dozens of cultures fused into one working student-body
  • An incredibly Culturally-Diverse Campus (taco bell and Islamic meditation lounge in the same building)

These are the things that I miss. I crave the "college experience" so much, but that makes me realize something: I didn't go to college for an education – I went there to get away. And I did so.

I failed. I had my heart broken (ish). I got into trouble. I reached out to the needy and regretted it. I worked for notable causes. I got a job. I strayed from truth. I got severely addicted to Caffeine. I was forgiven. I slept in. I researched. I learned to discern from someone who's worth my time and someone who's not. I learned to prioritize. Lateralus. I wasted people's time. I was used. I experimented. I fell asleep every morning during an all-you-can-eat breakfast fit for a king. I relieved my childhood. I saw others lives fall apart. I learned to drive. I went way too fast. I forgot to prioritize. I found the most breathtaking music on earth. I made mistakes. I connected. I had a fantastic night. I played live shows. I was shot down. I failed miserably at Ju Jit Su. I was accused of Harrassment–I was totally innocent. I had the worst sleeping schedule on earth. I didn't try Salvia. I saw the best movies. I met the most amazing people. I shook Bill Clinton's hand. I got first-hand internet experience I couldn't have dreamed of having before. I found my true passions. I learned without being taught. I saw some funny videos. I made some awesome friends. I lost some too. I joined a riot. I learned that I do way too many things at once. I lost a job. I learned to sell myself. I learned how to present myself. And, most importantly, I learned what was truly important in life.

So, here I stand, $10,000 dollars in debt with a GPA of 1.14 and 8 credit hours – and I've never been happier. That was a $10K well spent.

And I have never been happier.


Kenneth Reitz