Web Framework Classification and Clarification

The Python ecosystem is filled with various web frameworks, including my own, Responder.

In this post, I seek to organize and classify some of the various frameworks into distinct categories.


Category A: First-Class Frameworks


Flask should be your go-to for almost any application you're building for the web today.


Django is an excellent choice for building web applications as well, particularly those that require an admin interface.


Pyramid is a great choice for those that like to get their hands a little dirty when building their applications.

Category B: Second-Class Frameworks


Responder makes a lot of sense if you want an alternative to Flask, don't use a lot of plugins, and like using cutting-edge technologies.


Other web frameworks, like Falcon, fit into this classification as well.

The primary purpose of this post was to clarify the positioning of Responder, and I believe this post accomplishes that goal.