What's In a Design?

Disclaimer: I am not an Apple fanboy. Apple makes a fortune off of speeple.

An Apple FanBoy blindly follows everything the cult leader, Steve Jobs has to say. They go out and purchase every iProduct that Apple realeases and does so with a smile on their face, not realizing that over the course of four years, they have spent about $20,000 on Apple products alone.

They leak photos of an upcoming product with incredibly low resolution so the masses can pick and decipher the image, spending countless hours just trying to imagine what that mysterious new button does. And people do it! They completely take advantage, but rightfully so. Who could blame them? They are, after all, a business. It would be foolish for them not to, because that FanBoy pays thousands of dollars to watch a 3 hour long commercial, and they love it! They love OSX for no apparent reason other than they are told to. They go out and buy every single new iPhone the day that it comes out, when there's clearly nothing wrong with the one they had. Year after year, they pour more and more money into their investment in nothing more than a brand that they thing will change who they are as a person. They want to be Steve Jobs. They write endless posts about how much money they spend on Apple products every month, and just can't wait to get their hands on the next one.

This is not that post and I am not that guy.

I do, however, believe that my recently purchased 13" Unibody MacBook Pro is the greatest laptop ever manufactured on Earth to date. But not because Apple made it. That's irrelevant.

Now please, don't get me wrong: I love Apple. And that's because, they have a superior operating system and they put an extraordinary amount of design and thought into every nook and cranny of every system that they release.

This system is designed well. Incredibly well.

On a side note, I firmly believe that OSX is the greatest desktop operating system of all time, and I see no chance of this changing any time soon. From many different standpoints (End User, Prosumer, Developer, Newbie) this holds true.

I am a fan and follower of one thing and one thing only: Design.

And, for now, Apple hands-down has the greatest sense of design, both software and hardware in my opinion. But if something else comes along made by someone else, I'll be sure to give that a try with an open mind. :)