Windows Mobile and iPhone OS

I've owned about 5 WIndows Mobile devices, 3 Palm Devices, and 1 iPhone.

What we all need:

  • Simplicity
  • Power
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Integration

Palm OS (Pre-Pre haha):

  • Simple. Very Simple.
  • Does what it needs to do and doesn't falter.
  • Not much in terms of applications.
  • Most certainly not designed for a mobile professional.
  • It's a glorified rolodex.

Windows Mobile (5, 6, 6.1):

  • Attempts to satisfy someone who needs to read spreadsheets on the go.
  • Very slow and unstable. Not good for phone use. At all.
  • Integration is sub-par.
  • Lots of work-arounds for lots of things, nothing is simple.
  • Fonts are ugly.
  • Interface is clunky.

iPhone OS:

  • Smooth, and very nice looking.
  • Font rendering is exceptional.
  • Web browsing is a dream.
  • Did I mention how good it looks?
  • Fantastic applications, integration, and standards.
  • Apps need approval (good and bad).
  • Very fast. Very slick. Problem free.


iPhone OS simply cannot be beat. It's perfect. I haven't used Android, but it's more of a platform than an intended out-of-the-box Mobile OS. You aren't intended to use the built-in Window Manager if you don't want to. Windows Mobile: pay attention.