Things I Own & Love:

Apps (for iOS and MacOS)


Things 3


I would be totally lost without this app (both for iOS and MacOS).

It helps me organize my life in a way that makes sense: by areas of responsibilityprojects, and tasks. Tasks can have due dates, as well as start dates, and everything is oriented (at least for me) around the "today" screen.

You can also mark tasks to be done "this evening", which is quite useful.

I couldn't live without this app.

Microsoft VS Code


VS Code by Microsoft is the best text editor on planet earth. Sublime Text 3 is a close second.

My reasonings behind saying that are quite multi–faceted, but if you haven't given it a real try, I highly recommend you do so.

Bonus: It's available for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. 

Hyper Terminal


Hyper is my favorite terminal emulator for MacOS. It doesn't suffer from input lag like iTerm2 does.

The iOS equivalent is Blink.

Carrot Weather


Carrot is the best weather app available for MacOS and iOS, and it has a great sense of humor (a great combination).

I love supporting the developers of this app, and highly encourage you to give it a try.