Objects I Own & Love:

Taking Notes (Digital & Analog)

Notes rule everything around me. I would be lost without a note-taking system to constantly iterate on, and reference. Writing is an incredibly therapeutic exercise of self-awareness, for me. Here are my recommendations for writing systems. 

Digital Paper


Remarkable is an absolutely fantastic paper-replacement solution.

I returned mine, as I prefer using the iPad Pro for notes (one less device), but can't recommend it enough to those of you who either value the "feel" of writing on paper, or value an electronic device that allows you to "disconnect" (e.g. no web browser, no notifications, no Facebook app, etc). 

I absolutely love it. 

Digital Everything

My favorite device, hands–down.

My favorite device, hands–down.

The required accessory for the world's best device.

The required accessory for the world's best device.

A little luxury to carry it all in.

A little luxury to carry it all in.

I use an iPad Pro 10.5" by Apple + Apple Pencil for mostly all of my hand–written note-taking. 


The 13" iPad Pro (which I've also owned) is far too large to carry around, and the 9.5" iPad Pro (which I've also owned) is too small to use as a portable computer. 10.5" is perfect.

The 10.5" iPad Pro is more powerful than most people's MacBook Pros (according to GeekBench), and is comparable to many 5K iMacs. It's a seriously impressive tablet, with great software options available to it. 

I wrote some in-depth analysis, along with my recommendations, for what note–taking apps to use, here


My all–time–favorite computing device is adored by a little luxury, the hand–made Cinema Leather Case by Piel Frama, which also holds the wonderful Apple Pencil. My Apple Pencil also features a wonderfully inexpensive and extremely useful pen clip. While at my desk, it also has a charging docking station. I have tried many Apple Pencil sleeves (as well as a Matte iPad Screen Protector), but they all take away from the precision of the Apple Pencil experience.

The Surface Go is seriously top-knotch, if you understand it's an under–performer when it comes to CPU–oriented tasks.

The Surface Go is seriously top-knotch, if you understand it's an under–performer when it comes to CPU–oriented tasks.

If you're a Windows person, I highly recommend the Surface Go.

I've given it a solid review, but ended up returning it since I already own the iPad Pro. I do highly recommend it, however, and think that it's a fantastic little computer (and the first Surface I seriously considered keeping). 

EDC Pocket Pen

My high–end EDC pen of choice.

My high–end EDC pen of choice.

The M Artfineliner by Marc Newson (by Montblanc) is my EDC pen of choice. I always have it on me, in my pocket — and it has a wonderful, sturdy clip that has never slipped out of my pocket once. 

My favorite feature of this pen is that it uses the "Artfineliner" refills, a unique feature out of all of Montblanc's pen offerings, that features an extremely fine point tip, which works well for my extremely small handwriting.

In addition, it features a magnetic cap, which is great for ease of opening/closing.

Great pen. Great price (for what you're buying). 

Best Luxury Pen

My absolute luxury pen.

My absolute luxury pen.

My absolute self–indulgence luxury pen is the Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir Solitare Serpent Limited Edition 1906 by Montblanc. This pen is absolutely unnecessary, but it is stunningly beautiful, and inspires me to write/journal on a regular basis.

It comes with a rollerball refill, but it also accepts Fineliner refills, which I vastly prefer. 

Seriously, this has to be the finest pen ever crafted in the history of mankind. I'm so proud to own one. The snake reminds me of my own personal mysticism, as well as Python, and the rarity of platinum just makes this pen extremely special to me. It's one of my most prized possessions.

I got a great deal on mine (I wouldn't pay retail for it) — so, if you're interested in it, shop around, and maybe you'll find one for $800 off, like I did. 

Indexed Notebook


The Professional Notebook (A4) by Moleskine is very nice for one reason — it comes with something I normally do by hand in every notebook I purchase: it has page numbers, and a few index pages. Saves a lot of time.

As with all Moleskine notebooks, I don't recommend it if you use fountain pens (look at Rhoia and others first), as their pages exhibit quite a bit of feathering while writing, but for more standard pens, they do just fine.