Objects I Own & Love:

Tools for Getting Things Done

This page is dedicated to tools that I use to accomplish physical tasks, in meat space. A challenging concept.


Brain Tools

Best Calculator


Ever use a TI-84 in school, use it to learn advanced math, and have it's functions burned into your brain? Well, they finally updated this beautiful calculator and brought it into the 21st Century. Introducing, the TI-84 Plus CE by Texas Instruments.

This thing differs from your old TI-84 in that it's:

  • significantly thinner.
  • rechargable over USB.
  • features a high-resolution LCD (backlit) screen.

I absolutely love it.

P.S. They have yet to update the inferior TI-89. 



This section is dedicated to the every–day carry (EDC) of the ever–useful multitool.

EDC Multitool #1

The most useful portable multi–tool for computer professionals in the world.

The most useful portable multi–tool for computer professionals in the world.

My current primary EDC Multi–Tool is the CyberTool 32 by Victorinox.

This amazing little tool packs an amazing assortment of utility in a small, pocketable package. I decided to purchase it after getting bitten by the "swiss army knife" bug, being very impressed with the thoughtfulness and extreme quality that Victorinox puts into its products, despite their low price, while enjoying their heritage.

EDC Multitool #2

The excellently–pocketable Skeletool.

The excellently–pocketable Skeletool.

I like to change things up occasionally, and like to start collections, so I have a few multi–tools. The second, and my personal favorite is the Skeletool CX by Leatherman. Mine is a special edition, featuring a wonderful Damasteel blade.

This is an excellent every–day carry (features a wonderful pocket clip), and I have done so for nearly a year now. I use it daily. The only thing that I would change about it is that I wish the pliers featured spring–assisted–opening. 

EDC Multitool #3

Spring–assisted pliers, a must–have.

Spring–assisted pliers, a must–have.

My third and final multi–tool is the inexpensive Wingman by Leatherman.

It features the two things that I desire most in a multi–tool (things that most multitools lack):

  • a pocket clip
  • spring–assisted–opening set of pliers

I carry this multitool when I'm going to be using the pliers a lot. It's good. It's cheap. No complaints. It also features a nifty pair of scissors, which are always handy.

Multitool Bracelet


On my right wrist, I wear a Tread LT by Leatherman.

It looks unique, and certainly comes in handy, from time to time. I recommend it, as you'll always have a screwdriver on you if you're wearing this.


Knives & Cutlery

This section shows pocket knives, kitchen knives, and other cutting utensils I own, love, and highly recommend.