Software for Humans

I was born at the most ideal time in human history, thus far—the crest of the Information Age.

My early-childhood was one filled with NES and DOS games: static software that just runs on isolated hardware. As I grew older, I witnessed humanity transform itself completely around a single powerful idea—the Internet. If I had been born five years later, I fear that I would have missed out on this extremely valuable context. If I live an average-lengthed life, I will be able to witness things far behind my wildest imagination.

I was born in 1988, and software is a tremendous source of my inspiration.

I am passionate about the design of tools— tools that augment our natural abilities. Code can be one of the best tools available, but only when the design of the code you're consuming has been considered. Writing great code is an art — finding the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality, opinions and open-mindedness.

I specialize in building programming tools for humans, not machines.

Open Source Projects

Requests: HTTP for Humans

Python HTTP for Humans. Said to be the finest high-level HTTP 1.1 client ever created.

Over 100 Million downloads! Embedded in pip-installer, included on every Mac in the world. 

The 'Say Thanks' Project

Spreading Thankfulness in Open Source.

An opinionated guide for novice and veteran Python developers. Coming soon to bookshelves near you!


Magic per-project shell environments. Very pretentious.


The CLI Emoji Keyboard. Emoji your friends and colleagues from the comfort of your own terminal.


Tools for developing command-line applications. Made only for personal use. People use it anyway. 

Records: SQL for Humans

A very simple, but powerful, library for making raw SQL queries to most relational databases. Includes nifty command-line utility.

Maya: Datetimes for Humans

Scraping websites is now a breeze.

Test your HTTP clients with this free and open service (now operated by Runscope)..

A carefully curated collection of Root Certificates, distributed for major languages. Useful for people that care about TLS (which should be everyone). 


Easily work with tabular datasets in XLS, CSV, JSON, YAML, &c.


Directly inspired Apple's Command Line Tools for XCode. You're welcome :-)

See github/kennethreitz for more details. 


Import This: a Python Podcast for Humans

A sporadically-scheduled podcast with a rotating number of co-hosts from the Python community. General tech culture, events, trends, and life are discussed.

Pythonistas featured (thus far) include Alex Gaynor and Eric Holscher.

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