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Requests 3.0 Dev Plan:

Requests is one of the most heavily–utilized Python packages in the world.

It is used by major corporations worldwide for all tasks, both small and large — from writing one–off scripts to orchestrating millions of dollars of critical infrastructure.

It's even embedded within pip, that tool that you use to install packages and deploy with every day!

After losing our primary open source maintainer (who was sponsored by a company to work on Requests, and other projects, full–time), we are seeking community financial contributions towards the development of Requests 3.0.

    (your organization here)



    Raised so far: $33,140.00

    Fundraising goal: $5,000


    If you (or your organization) would like to support us, but prefer another method of payment, please don't hesitate to send an email with your requirements. Sponsorship opportunities (with website placement) are also available, upon request. 


    Features for Requests 3.0 include:

    • Native async/await support, for massive concurrency possibilities.
    • Python 3+ type annotations, for static analysis with mypy and easier–to–code integration with tools like PyCharm, etc.
    • Dropping support for legacy Python interpreters.
    • Long–term–support (LTS) release of 2.0 for legacy Python users.
    • Possibly, support for HTTP/2.0 (via h2).

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