Kenneth Reitz is the product owner of Python at Heroku and a fellow at the Python Software Foundation.

Kenneth focuses on software development, photography, and music production. He is well known for his many open source software projects, specifically Requests: HTTP for Humans.

It's All About Love
Ocean of Devocean
I will, I will.

Requests - Python HTTP for Humans. World's best client. 21,000,000+ downloads.

Httpbin - Test your HTTP clients with this free and open service.

Legit - Improved git workflow.

Tablib - Tabular dataset library.

Import This - Python & Tech Podcast with Alex Gaynor.

Python Guide - An opinionated guide for novice and veteran Python developers.

Certifi - a carefully curated collection of Root Certificates, distributed for major languages.

OSX-GCC-Installer - Install the real GCC on your Mac without using Xcode.

Clint - tools for developing commandline applications.