Joining Heroku!

I am extremely happy to announce that I am joining the Heroku team! If you aren't familiar, Heroku is a Polyglot Platform as a Service for hosting web applications. The product is executed so well that they are responsible for an entire micro-industry of PaaS platforms for different languages (Python included). Company after company strives to become the "Heroku for x".

Until recently, there were only a few good options for modern Python deployment. However, a few months ago, Heroku added official Python support to the Cedar stack — it is beautiful.

The Role

I will be responsible for the technical design of Heroku's Python offering, as well as Heroku’s voice in the Python community.

Other responsibilities will include:

  • Contributing to open source projects.
  • Driving best practices adoption.
  • Be passionate about the general success of Python.

Best. Job. Ever.

Arc90 + Readability?

Arc90 + Readability and myself have parted ways on excellent terms. Leaving the team was a very difficult decision to make. Readability is a hard-working team of incredible individuals, working passionately on one of my favorite online tools.

Readability is very much in a "move as fast as possible" stage of growth. Unfortunately, my passions for workflow automation, best-practices, and autonomy proved to mix harshly with the style of Readability's operation.

We're very proud of what we built over the past six months, and I look forward to seeing the platform grow.

Heroku's Values

I've always found myself attracted to beautiful and elegant architectures and APIs. Heroku is a natural perfect fit. They're inspiring as both a Product, a Platform, and a Company. Here are a few selections of team marketing:

On craft:

"Heroku is a do-ocracy. Makers of every stripe are welcomed here. Amazing ideas and execution are rewarded with independence and trust."

On productivity:

"From customer facing roles to our developers, we believe in building, not meeting."

Lastly, my personal favorite:

"We spend as long as it takes to make things right."

Needless to say, I'm tremendously excited about becoming an official Herokai™.